Celebrity Product Placement

With more and more companies wanting to integrate their products into the lives of
celebrities, now seems like a good time to take a closer look at Celebrity Product
Placement, describe three common approaches, and outline what steps can be taken
to guarantee results.

The term “Celebrity Product Placement” is used to describe several related
techniques, but its definition applies to each: free products are distributed to
celebrities in expectation of a Counting On -Josh And Anna Duggar Welcome Baby Number Six promotional benefit. Unlike the more overt, paid-for
endorsement, it offers a distinct advantage. It can appear like a product choice
made on individual preference.

Most marketers are unaware of their options in this category (one form features
contracts with celebrities, guaranteeing performance and allowing marketers to
actively leverage celebrity patrons in the media) and therefore many overlook a very
powerful influencer-marketing technique.

In this article, I will describe each of the three main approaches and discuss their
relative merits by listing their pros and cons. I also hope to quash any
misconception that Celebrity Product Placement has to be a gamble, and show you
how best to secure a return on investment (R.O.I.).

But first, a little history…

Celebrity Product Placement (sometimes called “Celebrity Seeding”) has been with us
since the dawn of marketing. Centuries before Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped into
his first Hummer, an 18th century potter named Josiah Wedgwood began supplying
his wares to England’s Queen Charlotte. Being given the title “Potter to Her Majesty”
led to a huge amount of publicity for Wedgwood which he took advantage of using
the term “Queen’s Ware” wherever he could.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that marketers keyed-in on America’s “royalty”:
Hollywood. But more often than not they met with disappointing results. Some
companies responded only to occasional requests for products (“gifting”), while
others made half-hearted attempts to distribute them without first devising a means
to guarantee results (“seeding”). In the end, most companies seeded product “to the
wind” and failed to grow anything of value.

Those efforts that did succeed, however, were so successful that independent
specialists emerged to help companies achieve better results. But the services they
offer vary and so do the results.

What’s It All About?

Marketers have long known the power of celebrity to influence consumer-
purchasing decisions. The term “borrowed equity” has been used to describe how a
celebrity endorsement can bestow upon a product special attributes and cache it
might not otherwise have.

The same concept applies to Celebrity Product Placement. But unlike celebrity
endorsements, where a highly compensated personality appears in commercial
advertising, Celebrity Product Placement offers marketers a more subtle and highly
effective means of reaching the public – via the media they consume by choice.

Indeed, Celebrity Product Placement is as much about placing products with
celebrities as it is about getting stories about those relationships into the press.
Regardless of the approach, Celebrity Product Placement strategies have a common
aim: to tie celebrities (thought-leaders, influencers) with consumer products in the
public consciousness.

Advantages Of Being The Website Designers In South Delhi

The urban landscape of India is characterized by an amalgamation of the commercial and residential units. There are some pockets in every metropolitan city which are exclusively meant for the commercial or the residential purposes. Southern parts of Delhi in India are examples of such places where the residential and the commercial units are segregated to a large extent, especially on the main roads, whereas the eastern parts of Delhi are dominated by the mixed urban land use. South Delhi is one of the foremost areas which were developed. These are the main reasons for it to emerge as a major commercial hub where the big and the best label brands sell their products and services. This is also one of the most frequented areas by the people from all other parts of Delhi for commercial purposes. For this reason, the area has high business value and is also a place which is home to many website designers in South Delhi.

Since the area is quite pricey, providing services here is a big challenge for the individuals and companies engaged in the design, development and marketing of the websites. The web developers in South Delhi prefer to situate in these prime areas to take advantage of the burgeoning businesses. However, it shall be noted that only a few companies might be present in full strength. Most of the others might not be having their full setups in these areas but might only be operating with small offices primarily to generate business. This is so because the property rentals are quite high.

The website designers in South Delhi have to be at their competitive best so as to get good business. Pricing might not be that significant a criterion as the quality of work for the customers visiting this area in search of the designers and developers. Marketing and presentation skills need to be well-developed for sustaining oneself in the competitive environment of the area.

Having the street address of these areas also helps in the marketing of their services. People are of the belief that the southern region provides the best of products and services and by having an office address of the place helps in meeting the business objectives. Being situated here means that the customers can be charged for more since it is quite well understood that this is an expensive area.

The area also has premier educational institutions offering computer courses. This also makes it possible to hire the bright and the best web developers in South Delhi. So, there is  Best Website Designing Company in Delhi never a shortage of the supply of budding web designers who are ever willing to work on new website design and development projects.

Website designing has assumed a lot of importance since the past few years since the businesses find it important to have dominating web presence. This has increased the demand for highly skilled professionals. Since South Delhi is known for the best products and services providers, website designers in South Delhi always stand a good chance for getting more business.

10 Tips on Shopping for CCTV Cameras

If you are in the market for a CCTV package for your home or SME, you are definitely making the right choice. CCTV cameras offer security and peace of mind. When burglars or miscreants target homes or businesses, CCTV video footage can help identify the crime and criminals instantly. Surveillance studies conducted in cities, especially crime prone regions, suggest that installing CCTV cameras act as a crime deterrent, and media reports suggest a marked decrease in the number of crime cases reported from areas where CCTV cameras are operational.

Once you have made the decision to purchase and install CCTV cameras, the next step is shopping for the best fit. With so many options available, how do you decide what works best for you? Price can be one deciding factor. Many websites offer new economical CCTV camera packages, starting as low as USD $599. With price points for every budget, buying a CCTV package does not need to be an expensive ordeal. A first time buyer will encounter countless options: What kind of camera resolution or viewing resolution is best? What are the best viewing frame rates? Do I need night vision? How much video recording capacity and video storage capacity will I require?

In this article, we break down these terms for you and help you decide the best CCTV package for your needs:

1. CCTV camera resolution

Most tech savvy users wield phone cameras and video camcorders and discuss megapixels and camera resolutions like a pro. However, when researching CCTV camera packages, you may come across the term TVL or TV lines. What are these? Well, most CCTV cameras operate on the analog camera or analog television system. Therefore, instead of pixels, we talk in terms of TV lines. We understand that higher the pixels, better the image quality we receive. Similarly, the more the TV lines (subject to size of lens, light, and so on), you will receive Wifi Camera better picture quality on your CCTV camera. For most home and business security purposes, camera resolutions may range from 420 to 700 TV lines. In fact, 700 TV lines is the maximum you may find. Once you enter the digital CCTV field, you may find pricier options with much higher resolution cameras.

2. Internet viewing resolution

Internet viewing resolution uses CIF (Common Intermediate Format) as a measurement unit. It defines a video sequence with a resolution such as 352 X 288 that maybe converted for viewing in PAL or NTSC formats. Confused? Let us try that again. Your camera captures an image at a certain rate called frames per second. The CIF resolution refers to how your DVR records this image or sequence of images. In a nascent hard drive or hard disk industry, storage was expensive. Naturally, people preferred to compromise and capture low-resolution images by sacrificing 4 CIF and maximum frame rate. With video storage turning cost efficient, you can now capture images on 4 CIF and get maximum detail. As the name suggests, 4CIF offers almost 4 times the size of the image and is especially beneficial in places such as front desks, doorways, bank operations, and so on, for facial recognition and clarity in images. In other areas, where you prefer fluid action and no lapse in capture of movements, you may resort to CIF while recording.

Bourne Shoes For Men – A Style Statement

Bourne man’s shoes are loyal to men’s special needs, leading to their popularity. Over the past years, Bourne shoes have been marketing casual men’s shoes which are eco-friendly, specially handcrafted and made of organic materials so that they look very chic and classy. Those men searching for comfortable and sophisticated footwear should go for Bourne’s shoes.

All footwear at Bourne is hand-crafted especially by Opanka construction and the use of adhesives and machinery is minimal while creating the shoes, thus making the designs eco-friendly. With the particular attention to detail and patented construction, the company also uses innovative styling keeping in mind the changing trends of the time. Bourne’s President, Thomas McClaskie, always uses his creative imagery to make trendy shoes for men.

• The signature line of the Bourne shoes is called the Bourne Crown series that is a sophisticated and exclusive selection of loafers and sandals for men that are painstakingly and beautifully handcrafted. These shoes are made of vegetable leather, suede and croco print leather—all eco-friendly types that makes the Bourne line very successful.

• Also, Bourne shoes have great buy online sports shoes for mens boots for men, like the famous harness boot that is made of leather, suede or Nubuck, which makes the shoe thick so that it protects you from the vagaries of harsh elements especially for those hiking or trekking expeditions. There is also a selection of five inch boots that are tailored in look but are quite rugged and can take weathering. You must own a pair of these boots as they are quite affordable priced, considering their brand name.

• For all casual purposes, you can choose from Bourne’s selection of sandals and moccasins which have been inspired by the European weaving designs. Made in soft suede leather, a pair of these mocasssisns is every man’s dream shoes. In case you want more tailored shoes, you can always find other varieties of classic, formal shoes.

• All men with a love for sport can look up the Bourne line of sport shoes. They are made of great hues and patterns, coming in shades of burnt orange and plaids, originally designed and very modern–comfortable and durable, these shoes are a hit with men.

A word of advice to all men going for Bourne’s shoes is that they should only buy fr4om a reputable Bourne dealer and go through all the care instructions for the shoes and keep in touch with their customer service for any queries for cleaning and styling. Also keep in touch with the latest trends in the shoes business by signing up for Bourne’s email and newsletter.

Who Invented The Pneumatic Tyre?

John Boyd Dunlop invented the first functional pneumatic tyre in 1888 and very soon after he began the world’s very first tyre business beginning an entirely new industry

John Dunlop was born on the 5th of February 1840 in Dreghorm, North Ayrshire, at the farm where his parents lived. He studied at the University of Edinburgh to become a vet, which had been a career he pursued in his home town for almost a decade prior to relocating to Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. In 1867 He founded The Downe Veterinary Clinic together with James Dunlop – his brother – prior to relocating to a practice in Belfast.

Influenced by revolutionary technological innovation, he developed the earliest original-equipment radial road tyre; The Dunlop Company introduced the very first usage of Kevlar belts in motorcycle tyres; as well as continuing to steer the industry towards ground breaking firsts, including the 20 inch front tyre for using off-road, as well as top quality tyres for mini-moto motorcycle riders.

In 1920, Dunlop opened the first motorcycle tyre manufacturing factory in America. Situated in Buffalo, New York State, The Dunlop Company remains to be the only company producing tyre manufacturers company in India motorbike tyres within the United States. The Dunlop Company has been making high quality, ground breaking and inventive products for longer than a century.

Dunlop’s advancement of the pneumatic tyre came at a significant time in along with the creation of the road transport network and in subsequent months in 1890 industrial manufacturing commenced in Belfast.

Much like a lot of other good innovations, the thinking behind a pneumatic tyre had not been exclusive to John Dunlop. During 1845 a fellow inventor, Robert William Thompson had patented another similar concept however it was never fully developed. The Dunlop organisation had an advantage over all of the opposition due to having a head start in production of the tyres and Thompson brought up an opposition, however his version of the tyre had been somewhat different and much more expensive to manufacture and consequently, Dunlop could carry on manufacturing tyres.

Within ten years of opening up the manufacturing plant practically all wheels made use of pneumatic tyres enabling the Dunlop company to carry on to expanding, to eventually grow to be the Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd along with the international Dunlop and & Rubber Corporation.

Dunlop allocated his rights to his patent to William Harvey Du Cros, to acquire 1,500 shares in a resulting business and in the end failed to earn very much money form his innovation. Dunlop passed away in Dublin, and is laid to rest in Deans Grange Cemetery in Ireland.

Currently Dunlop Tyres produce a wide range of tyres including car and motorcycle tyres. Their range of motorcycle tyres is one of the widest of any motorcycle tyre manufacturer with tyres to suite every type of motorbike for all uses including use on road and racetrack.

How to Find the Right Immigration Lawyer

Immigration has been making many headlines in recent years. Globalization has resulted in a rapid influx of people from one country to another. Presently, there are an estimated 191 million immigrants, with the last 50 years seeing an almost doubling of the immigrant population.

With an increasing amount of immigration come increasing challenges and issues surrounding immigration and naturalization laws. One needs to consider many things in order to obtain and maintain the proper immigration status, including: processing requirements and timelines for work permits and visas, different laws from one country to the next, and the ever changing aspects of immigration law. It is always advisable to hire the services of visa lawyers so that careful immigration and visa compliance planning can minimize problems and delays.

It is here that the service of an immigration lawyer comes into the picture. The modern day complexities have shifted the focus to law firms that specialize in immigration issues and nationality laws. There are a number of firms that deal in niche areas such as US immigration laws.

Permanent immigration is the ultimate goal of many people entering or planning to enter the United States. But before this is possible, it is likely one will need a visa.

Immigration lawyers can provide the freedom many people seek to live and work permanently in the U.S. They also can provide the specialized know-how and answers to many questions in their designated field of immigration law.

There are two kinds of visas someone attempting to immigrate to the U.S. can get. One is a permanent visa while the other is the temporary visa. A person who acquires a permanent immigration lawyer sydney visa does so without any limit on the number of years they can stay. A person who receives a temporary visa is subject to a yearly limitation. Most non-immigrant visas require you to show that you don’t intend to migrate permanently. For a non-immigrant visa, you have to prove that you have a permanent residence in your home country that you don’t intend to abandon. Some visas are also of “dual intent” which means you may also attempt to obtain permanent U.S. residence through a green card.

Immigration attorneys assist multinational companies in the legal and orderly movement of their global talent across international borders. They also help obtain the necessary work permits and visas for U.S. domestic employees who need to be transferred abroad both temporarily and permanently.

However many companies prefer to keep a retainer immigrant lawyer, these attorneys can also be consulted on an hourly rate for their legal services whenever the need arises. While hiring an immigration lawyer, check that there might be additional costs such as postage, courier fee and long distance charges.

How to Choose the Right Webcam Surveillance Software?

Many people want to have some kind of spy equipment for better home security. However, besides wireless spy cameras, VCR or DVR systems, there is also special software used to control those surveillance gadgets.

Large companies use professional security systems along with already built in (embedded digital video recorder or PC based DVR soft) spy camera control software. But what about smaller guys? Do you also have to spend thousands of dollars for professional spy security system and software to feel safe and secure in your house? And the answer is not necessarily.

Webcam for Spying Purposes

You have the ability to use your webcam (connected to your PC) as a surveillance tool. And to control it, all you need is inexpensive webcam surveillance software. As a matter of fact, such software allows you to connect more than one camera. It can display as much as 16 webcam views on your computer screen.

Moreover, webcam surveillance software even allows you to detect motion and start capturing an event within milliseconds. This means that you don’t have to keep your webcam surveillance software turned on all the time in order to secure the area. By using motion detection webcams, you can also save your computer’s HDD (hard drive) space.

You know, video takes a lot of hard drive space. Non stop recording for 24 hours can cost you 1GB of HDD space a day. Well, it depends on the chosen image quality. Lower quality images will require less bandwidth. Also, if you set lower FPS (frames per second), then you’ll save even more HDD space.

But if you have a large HDD (like 160GB or more), then there’s nothing to worry about.

What to Look for in Webcam Surveillance Software?

Before you decide to order webcam surveillance software, there are a couple of things to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the features of webcam software that you should seriously consider, ok.

  • Audio Capturing – Does your webcam surveillance software have audio capturing option? If not, then you should consider that carefully. If you want to record a conversation, it’s crucial.
  • Compressed Files – Does your webcam software compress video files? If not, then the space of your HDD might fill up quickly. Try to search for software that compresses the video without losing its quality.
  • Remote Access – This is very important. If you leave your webcam to record the area, you should have the ability to access your webcam’s view via internet connection. This is very neat function that is absolutely must in webcam software.
  • Motion Detection – We’ve already mentioned that. Motion detection is also extremely important. You don’t want to record the area when nothing’s going on, right. So make sure that motion sensing is enabled in your software.
  • Alert Options – Does the webcam surveillance software have an alert option? Some webcam software alert when they detect something. They can alert via email or even dial a phone number. You should seek for this feature, because it’s very neat.
  • Multiple Webcams – Can your surveillance software record a live view from multiple web cameras? 2, 4 or 16? If you want to connect more than one camera to your PC, then multiple freecam webcam support is absolutely must in the software you choose.
  • Stealth Mode – Does the webcam software run in stealth mode? Stealth mode means that nobody can see if the software is running or not. Not even if they Press “Ctr+Alt+Del” and look at Windows Task Manager!

Look for webcam surveillance software that allows you to do all or at least most of the functions mentioned above. If your software isn’t capable of detecting motion, doesn’t have alert option, doesn’t have audio recording options, then search for a better solution.

In Conclusion

Webcam software (for spying or home protection purposes) combined with a few inexpensive webcams, can definitely serve as a basic home security system. You can put your webcams in the most important places and have your PC to record each camera’s view. And if motion sensors detect something unusual, they can alert you via email or phone.

However, if you’re really looking for quality and all-in-one solution for professional home protection, then a more powerful DVR security system with multiple spy cameras could be your best shot. Such systems cost over thousand dollars, but they’re ideal for quality home or office protection.

Casino Tokens and Chips

Casino chips are small discs that are used as currency within casinos. Casino chips are made of either coloured metal, compression moulded clay or injection moulded plastic. Metal chips are primarily used in slot machines whilst clay or plastic chips are used in table games.

Casino chips can be acquired by exchanging 카지노사이트 추천  money for them at the casino cage, at the tables, e.g. the roulette table or at the cashier station. The casino chips generally have no value outside of the casino, although in Las Vegas some casinos might honour chips from other casinos, or some businesses – such as waiters or taxi’s, especially for tips, in gambling towns might honour them informally.

Casino chips were employed for several reasons, the main one’s being chips are more convenient to use than currency and also make theft and counterfeiting more difficult. Because of the size, regularity and colouring patterns of stacks of chips they are easier to count in stacks compared to paper currency when being used on a table. The main advantage of this is that it’s easier for the pit boss or security to verify the amount being paid, reducing mistakes by the dealer. Furthermore it is observed that customers gamble more freely with replacement currencies than with cash.

Many casinos have stopped the use of metal chips (and coins) in their slot machines in favour of pre-pay cards or paper receipts. Although these methods are costly to implement they eliminate coin handling expenses and jamming problems in machines that took coins. With the coin mechanisms removed from the slot / fruit machine there is more space to keep game specific technology, enhancing the users overall gaming experience.

The hobby of collecting casino chips and gaming tokens is becoming increasingly popular, with a collectors club being formed in 1988. Some casino chips are worth up to $100,000. Several casinos sell custom-made sets of chips and one or two decks of cards stamped with the name of the casino on them.

Apple iPhone 5 – What Can You Expect? Expectations Vs Reality


The iPhone 5 – What could turn into the world’s most elevated selling cell phone to date


In 2011, Apple sold around 30 million iPhone handsets in the last quarter alone. They figured out how to sell around 20 million iPhone 4S handsets which made the iPhone 4S perhaps the smash hit up until this point, in the historical backdrop of cell phones. The cutting edge iPhone is relied upon to rehash that accomplishment.


Experts are foreseeing that Apple will have the option to sell around 50 million iPhone 5 handsets in 2012 and 2013. What makes this telephone so extraordinary? Peruse beneath to comprehend that iPhone enchant.


An exceptional interest for Apple items


Apple is a progressive organization that has consistently put out some truly cool and alluring items. They might be over evaluated in contrast with nonexclusive PCs, telephones, and gadgets that offer comparative kind of specs in spite of the fact that they are completely different with regards to manufacturing quality and plan. Simply hold an iPhone and a Samsung telephone beside one another and you will right away have the option to tell that the construct quality, strength, and extravagant feel is extraordinary on the iPhone, while the Samsung feels modest and wobbly, despite the fact that it may offer comparative kind of specs as the iPhone.


The iPhone 5 is required to get that comparative kind of overwhelming interest from the general population, with individuals lining up to purchase the following iPhone, in the wake of outdoors outside Apple stores medium-term. Individuals appear to need a cell phone that is both in fact able just as one that can fill in as a design articulation.


New structure factor for the new iPhone


The following iPhone from Apple is relied upon to have another structure factor. Up to this point, all the five ages of discharged iPhones look astoundingly comparable and people, in general, have clarified that they need to see a change. Apple could be offering it to them by giving them an iPhone with a teardrop plan. A teardrop configuration would move a structure factor in the iPhone that looks like the plan component utilized in the MacBook Air, Apple’s exceptionally trendy note pad. With the teardrop plan, the iPhone 5 will decrease away in thickness through and through, resembling a novel and modern cell phone.


The following iPhone is likewise expected to get a bigger screen. Bits of gossip are recommending that the screen could be as huge as 4 inches while some industry sources are stating that the screen could be as large as a 4.7-inch screen. With respect to show goals, Apple is required to hold the retina show goals on the iPhone as it is as of now probably the best shows in the cell phone advertise. There would truly be no requirement for Apple to enhance that.


Processor and RAM


With Samsung Galaxy evidently preparing for a Galaxy S3 dispatch with a quad-center processor, Apple is relied upon to utilize a quad-center processor in the following iPhone also. Smash will be knocked to in any event 1GB of RAM, with brief plausibility of it in any event, being knocked to 2GB of RAM.


The sixth era iPhone may likewise potentially utilize a quad-center designs processor too.


Discharge date


This has been another point of extraordinary discourse among Apple clients who have needed to bear a quite long hang tight for the Apple iPhone 5. Individuals really expected to purchase the iPhone 5 in October of 2011 however were not ready to do as such as Apple discharged the iPhone 4S rather than the 5. Presently, with Apple simply having discharged the iPad 3 or the New iPad, we can be guaranteed that there will be a couple of months of a vacuum period before Apple puts out the iPhone 5. Most presumably, the following iPhone seems as though it will make its presentation in October of 2012.

Read more For updated News about apple:



Strangely, the October 2012 discharge date will likewise assist Apple with honoring the late organizer of Apple, Steve Jobs, as they can discharge the iPhone on the main passing commemoration of Steve Jobs.

Learn Forex Trading – Professional Forex Training – What’s the Buzz About?

So what is the buzz about trading Forex?

Well, I love what I am doing… I love it so much that I decided to demonstrate the Forex buzz with you. And if you give me ten minutes of your time, you too will understand why…

Forex is a potential solution for every single person looking to make more money; earn persistent income and take back control of their lives.

That is a huge statement, I know! But in these times of job loss, economic uncertainty and less money to make ends meet, there has to be a better solution than getting yet another job, or working twice as hard or downsizing your lifestyle.

Forex is a perfect solution! (I will explain why in a minute)

First, indulge me and take a look at your personal situation right now…

Take a minute and think about your lifestyle; your income; and how good (or challenging) life has been. Now, think about an additional monthly income that would financially take you to the next level… from getting ahead financially to being able to upgrade on whatever lifestyle choice you desire next. What is the income number you just thought of? Is it a modest $500 per month? Is it $5000 per month? Is it $20,000 per month? Now write out this statement:

(Don’t be shy… be bold!) I would like to earn $_______________ more each month.

Now take a minute and think about your current job(s); current lifestyle; current free time… what options are available for you to increase your income by this amount? Do you see yourself achieving the additional income amount your just wrote down if you continue doing what you have been doing?

Will you need to (or can you) work harder? Can you ask for raise or get another job? Do you have the time (and tuition) to learn an entirely new profession?

If you are at all like me, the answers to the last three questions were no, no, and no!

So how do you get to this next level of income? For me, Professional Forex Trading has been the answer… and I think it can work for you too! I want to demonstrate how and why it has worked because I believe Professional Forex Trading is a real option for anyone interested in trading to earn additional, persistent income.

Hold on just a minute though. Forex Trading course Before continuing, I want to make a distinction between trading and Professional Trading; and specifically how this applies in the Forex Market. There really is a huge difference! There are many people who trade, either actively or passively. But the vast majority trade without any trading education or a structured approach to the market. And their results are average at best.

Trading in general (which is non-professional trading) typically consists of:
• Acquiring as many trading tools, indicators, news and information as possible to make buying decisions (usually not selling decisions)
• Attempting to trade, but experiencing average or worse-than-average results
• Inconsistent execution leading to larger, uncontrolled losses and minimal gains
• Inconsistent risk management leading to the depletion of trading capital over time
• Years of frustration and mixed results that rarely ever achieve professional status.