All The Tantalizing Ways To Use A Blindfold During Sex

If using a blindfold during sex gives you 50 Shades Of Grey, cliché sex vibes, it’s time to reevaluate. Yes, Christian Grey was very into blindfolds, and they even sell 50 Shades-branded ones. But despite the reputation, a blindfold is a cheap tool you can use to take sex to the next level. And there are myriad fun ways to use one.

A blindfold provides sensory deprivation, says Myisha Battle, a certified sex coach in San Francisco. “When one sense is dulled, the brain can temporarily compensate and allow us to become more sensitive to the stimuli from our other senses,” she says. “This means that when we take away sight, our partner’s touches, scent, taste, and sounds are a bit amplified.” All these amplified sensory information ultimately helps build arousal and sexual excitement.

Keep in mind that, while a simple blindfold might seem harmless, it’s important to introduce the idea to your partner in advance to get their opinion and consent, Battle says. “If they’re down, it’s best to create some ground rules,” she says. Decide what you’re both comfortable doing while blindfolded, and be respectful of boundaries throughout the experience. “Having a roadmap that can be followed creates a safe container for playfulness,” she says.

If you’re convinced it’s time to give blindfolds a chance, ahead are some ideas for your own roadmap. Who knows? You may open your eyes to a whole side of yourself you never knew existed — and there’s nothing vanilla about that.


Add These Natural, Organic Lubes To Your Bedside Table

Lube is a great addition to sex or masturbation — but there are so many options out there that it can be almost overwhelming to find the one that’s right for you. Silicone? Oil-based? Water-based? Flavored? Warming? Scented? And now the choices are getting even more complicated since many people are adding “natural” onto the list of things they want from their lube.

Most lubes you can buy in a store are safe, but some people prefer to use ones with all-natural ingredients, particularly if they have sensitive skin or allergies. Store-bought options often contain ingredients including glycerin or parabens, and some people find these make their skin itchy or irritated.

The thing is, fans of natural lubes tend to really love them. “I love the consistency — it isn’t sticky, it feels like silk, lasts a long time, and doesn’t really have any smell at all,” wrote one reviewer of Maude’s organic Shine lube. “I didn’t have any effects from it afterward. and I usually have to rush to wash any remnants off or it creates a rash. Perfect!”

A quick primer on responsible lubricant use: Water-based lubes are generally safe to use with toys and condoms or dental dams. Many natural lubes, however, are oil-based, which means they break down latex condoms. Other use aloe vera, which contains naturally-occurring latex that might irritate those with a latex allergy. To be safe and avoid unwanted pregnancy, check the label to see what the specific brand’s guidelines are when mixing lube with barriers (or sex toys; silicone-based lubes can’t be used with silicone toys).

Here, some popular organic lubes on the market.

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