Why a Web Development Company Is Better Than a Freelancer

Website design projects are one of the most in demand outsourced tasks for a company. Developing an online presence through a website is one key step to expanding the company’s market. Hiring the right entity for the job is a challenge some companies often neglect.

Web development often falls to only two types of IT entities: an individual developer or freelancer and a web development company. Some companies, especially those with established businesses prefer to work with companies like themselves. Smaller companies, however, are already satisfied with hiring a freelancer.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Freelancer

Companies and individuals often hire freelancers mainly because payment for their service is cheaper compared to a company. Some freelancer’s output can even rival those made by web design companies in terms of the website’s functionality, layout, and user-friendliness.

However, there are also risks involved with hiring freelancers. Based on experience, some freelancers are unable to deliver the outputs and results they promised with their employer. Several reasons with this behaviour may be cause by lack of experience kent web development company despite their positive claims, a decreased interest on the project and the pressure of deadlines.

With one person working on the project expect that it would take longer for the website to be finished.

Common Problems with Freelance

Although not all freelance IT workers have these problems, a significant number still shows these behaviours. Another shortcoming of a freelance web designer is the lack of a “second opinion,” whenever he is uncertain of his ideas and programming script.

One particular experience that I have with hiring a freelancer was he left the project half done. Some independent contractors left projects because they may have found a better paying project and others just want quick money.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Web Development Company

Web development companies often charge more for a design project than a freelancer- and for good reasons. These companies often have programmers specializing on different programming languages such as PHP, HTML, Jquerry, CSS and Dreamweaver. In turn, they could provide you with better service and web customization options.

Projects with web companies also take a shorter time to finish because more people are assigned on the task. Some companies often offer web service packages that involves everything needed for a website to be created and managed. Services such as social media promotions, web content management, hosting, and website maintenance are just few of the services that may be included on the web development project.

Common Problems with Web Development Company

Aside from the price, some problems that web development companies may impose are a mismatch with the website ideas from both parties, over optimization and transactions. Some website development companies push through their own ideas rather than offering a personalized web design according to the customer’s preferences.

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