Fire Extinguisher Servicing For The Home And Business

Everybody knows that fire extinguisher servicing is often overlooked in the home, or even in the business. Let me pose a question to you; what if you home or business were to catch fire and your extinguisher just happened to be empty? This could not happen if you took care over fire extinguisher servicing.

You should ensure that extinguisher servicing is carried out at least once a year. I know that it can be hard to squeeze enough time out of your day; to do a task that seems like you could live with out it. But the truth is that you can’t live with out if your building should catch fire.

If you have to, mark it on the calendar once a year, organise your fire extinguisher servicing, and if you don’t have the time to arrange it, then delegate the task to an employee. There is always one employee who will enjoy for this sort of extra responsibility. Make it fun for them if you have to, just make sure that it gets done.

There are a lot of reasons to maintain your fire appliances, and no real reasons not to. It helps to maintain a safe work environment, and makes the employees feel like you really care about their safety and well being.

Why is fire extinguisher servicing necessary?

Because it is required by law that you have your safety appliances properly maintained

To ensure the safety of your employees in the event of a fire

To ensure proper functionality of the equipment

You must by law have your appliances serviced at least once a year

It will not be empty, or malfunction if you should need it

A fire extinguisher isn’t a decoration fire extinguisher servicing singapore for your wall, it’s a serious piece of fire fighting equipment, that needs to be looked after. Different appliances use different types of chemicals to fight different types of fires, you need to think about what type of fire may start in your home, or office.

An extinguisher filled with water is good to fight a fire that is caused by wood, paper, textiles, or fabric. This type of extinguisher would do nothing other then spread a grease fire, so it’s probably no a good choice for a kitchen, or auto repair shop. In fact it could make things worse.

You should always keep an eye on your extinguishers, if the have had your fire extinguisher servicing carried out recently there should be a tag to indicate when this was done. This tag will tell you when the last fire extinguisher servicing was carried out and by whom.

Why should I have fire safety equipment?

In case a fire happens in your home, or business.

Having an extinguisher available could be the difference between losing it all, or saving you home or business.

Learn what type of appliance you need, it pays to have the right equipment.

The right extinguisher can help stop the fire from spreading.

In conclusion it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher present in your home or business. Like any other equipment a fire extinguisher needs to be maintained, and you do that through regular fire extinguisher servicing. Have a trained professional inspect it at least once a year.

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