How Drum Lessons Can Help You Become A Better Player on the Drum Set

If you’re willing to practice the techniques you learn from drum lessons regularly, then drum lessons are definitely for you. However, if you’re not willing to make a daily time commitment to practicing playing the drums, you still can benefit from taking lessons, but you’ll definitely learn at a much slower pace then a drummer who practices would.

The main reason that regular practice is so important for drummers is that when you practice something like a drum roll, the movements done by your fingers and wrists slowly get imbedded in your muscle memory, making it easier for you to play a drum roll the next time you see. This concept also applies to your feet and the bass drum.

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Want to start grooving? You have to practice!

In addition, the most important thing for a drummer to do is to really feel and understand the rhythm of whatever drum beat they’re playing so they can start grooving to it. When a drummer’s playing near perfect rhythm, they’re making the drum set piece they’re playing come alive, allowing the listener to feel the drum beat. Sounds cool, right? You may be thinking, ‘just how can a drummer accomplish this?’ The answer, of course, is to practice regularly. Not only do you have to practice regularly, you also have to practice the right way to understand the concept of rhythm and groove, which is where lessons by a good drum teacher will come in handy.

Finding a drum teacher

Go to your local drum store, and ask them if they offer drum lessons. If they don’t, look around the store for any bulletin boards where drummers post band information and you may be able to find an offer for weekly drum lessons. Still can’t find a drum lesson? Try your local community centers, or try going to any places with musical equipment and asking around there. By then, you should be able to find somebody offering a drum lesson You can also try checking out the links on the bottom of this page for a few different directories of drum lessons being offered all over the US.

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