Who Invented The Pneumatic Tyre?

John Boyd Dunlop invented the first functional pneumatic tyre in 1888 and very soon after he began the world’s very first tyre business beginning an entirely new industry

John Dunlop was born on the 5th of February 1840 in Dreghorm, North Ayrshire, at the farm where his parents lived. He studied at the University of Edinburgh to become a vet, which had been a career he pursued in his home town for almost a decade prior to relocating to Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. In 1867 He founded The Downe Veterinary Clinic together with James Dunlop – his brother – prior to relocating to a practice in Belfast.

Influenced by revolutionary technological innovation, he developed the earliest original-equipment radial road tyre; The Dunlop Company introduced the very first usage of Kevlar belts in motorcycle tyres; as well as continuing to steer the industry towards ground breaking firsts, including the 20 inch front tyre for using off-road, as well as top quality tyres for mini-moto motorcycle riders.

In 1920, Dunlop opened the first motorcycle tyre manufacturing factory in America. Situated in Buffalo, New York State, The Dunlop Company remains to be the only company producing tyre manufacturers company in India motorbike tyres within the United States. The Dunlop Company has been making high quality, ground breaking and inventive products for longer than a century.

Dunlop’s advancement of the pneumatic tyre came at a significant time in along with the creation of the road transport network and in subsequent months in 1890 industrial manufacturing commenced in Belfast.

Much like a lot of other good innovations, the thinking behind a pneumatic tyre had not been exclusive to John Dunlop. During 1845 a fellow inventor, Robert William Thompson had patented another similar concept however it was never fully developed. The Dunlop organisation had an advantage over all of the opposition due to having a head start in production of the tyres and Thompson brought up an opposition, however his version of the tyre had been somewhat different and much more expensive to manufacture and consequently, Dunlop could carry on manufacturing tyres.

Within ten years of opening up the manufacturing plant practically all wheels made use of pneumatic tyres enabling the Dunlop company to carry on to expanding, to eventually grow to be the Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd along with the international Dunlop and & Rubber Corporation.

Dunlop allocated his rights to his patent to William Harvey Du Cros, to acquire 1,500 shares in a resulting business and in the end failed to earn very much money form his innovation. Dunlop passed away in Dublin, and is laid to rest in Deans Grange Cemetery in Ireland.

Currently Dunlop Tyres produce a wide range of tyres including car and motorcycle tyres. Their range of motorcycle tyres is one of the widest of any motorcycle tyre manufacturer with tyres to suite every type of motorbike for all uses including use on road and racetrack.

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