Laptop Repair Guide – The Answer to Your Prayers?

Laptop repair guides are the answer to many peoples prayers as laptops are a great invention but when things go wrong they are not so great!

If god forbid you should drop your laptop and the screen breaks this can leave you with 3 options:-

1. Go out and purchase a new laptop for considerable outlay (not advisable)

2. Take your laptop to have a new screen fitted which could land you with a nice repair bill that will make your eyes water!

3. Do the repair yourself with a good laptop repair guide which will save you $$$’s and also keep you safe in the knowledge that your private files on your laptop stay just that, private.

Most service centres will charge you about $600 – $900 for a typical 14″ screen replacement, but you could obtain a screen your self in the region of $200 – $300! Many people take this route and it is not as hard as you may think to replace the screen when you have a good laptop repair guide.

Another problem that crops up a lot with laptops is a faulty  sua macbook  DC power jack, should you notice that your laptop is not charging the battery when your charger is plugged in then you can bet its your DC jack.

Other symptoms of this include your laptop turning off for no apparent reason, laptop getting no power at all, laptop will only run on battery power or may be you can only get your laptop to power on when holding your charger in the DC jack at a certain angle, all of these symptoms point to the DC power jack being the culprit.

Again you have the same options as you do for the screen replacement but please note that if you take your laptop to a service centre some will not tell you that the DC jack is at fault as they do not have the correct training to carry out the repair so they will just say that you need a new motherboard followed by a quote of $250 – $800!

You could purchase a new DC jack for about $7 – $10 and carry out the repair yourself following the laptop repair guide, saving you $$$’s. If you can do a simple bit of soldering you will be just fine.

This is why I say laptop repair guides are the answer to many peoples prayers including mine and as an added benefit I can scour online auctions to find broken laptops, repair them with the laptop repair guide and then sell them on for a profit! Bonus!

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