The Ten Step ProcessofDIY-Strategic Planning


Let’s identify the steps first and then we’ll discuss each one in a little more detail. I cannot emphasize enough that the true value of a strategic plan is not in the document itself. It is in the process of creating it, involving many of your employees from the bottom up. This empowers them to be more effective and better-informed leaders, managers and decision-makers.

  1. Select the strategy team and send a company-wide communication
  2. Create a Vision for the Future (End Game)
  3. Preparation —–Secure an off-site location for the kick-off meeting which includes training the team on the strategic planning process. Purchase a strategic planning template, download one from the web or e-mail [email protected] for a generic sample.
  4. Complete a SWOT analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
  5. Identify the critical core initiatives that are necessary to support the vision for the future and to achieve its objectives
  6. Develop strategic implementation plans (SIPs) that support the identified critical core initiatives
  7. Prioritize the CCI’s and SIP’s based on the biggest impact on the bottom line in the shortest period. Modify and complete the document template to fit your company strategy
  8. Develop an accountability process based on a structured monthly strategic review
  9. Develop a presentation of the strategy for approval by the CEO, owners or Board of Directors.
  10. Develop a Roll Out Strategy to explain the strategic plan to the entire company

Step One ——— Selection and Communication

It all starts with communication. The very first piece of information should be the announcement to all employees that the company is embarking on a planning process for the future. This memo should be sent from the President asking for everyone’s support.

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