Three Golf Games You Can Play for Better Practice

Whenever you go to the range or play with other golfers, it can be fun to play one of the many golf games. This makes it more competitive, can help even the playing field, and can help you practice better. With the right games for the range and the course, you can enjoy the game of golf more and improve by challenging yourself more.

My Favorite Three Golf Games

1. Putting Practice Game

Since we all know we need to spend more time practicing on the greens with our putter, why not challenge a friend to a game? Play for lunch or a drink and you can have fun seeing who the better putter is. The way it works is very simply. Golf Clash Hack Go to your practice green and decide how many holes you want to play. Playing 9 or 18 is just fine or any number you want.

Now, flip a coin and the winner of the coin toss gets to pick the spot on the green you will start from and the hole you will go to. Keep score throughout the competition with the winner of each hole picking the next starting point and hole. You can play this game as match play or as stroke play and it will help, you practice your putting without just rolling boring putts on the green.

2. The Driving Game

Another part of the golf game that many struggle with is driving the ball accurately. Every range has targets and things you can use for this game. You want to set up a somewhat narrow, but not impossible to hit, fairway with a couple of trees in the distance, a couple of markers out on the range or whatever you can find.

Then, challenge yourself or a friend and hit 12 shots. The person that gets the most in your imaginary fairway wins the game. This can help you see improvements if you track your progress in a notebook every single time you go to the range. You will also get used to aiming for a smaller fairway than normal and this will make it easier to put more balls in the fairway on the course.

3. Bingo, Bango, Bongo

My absolute favorite game to play happens on the golf course. With this game you can play with all different skill levels, but you have to let the golfer furthest from the hole go first. Each hole is worth a potential of three points and if you decide to play this game, you should not worry about keeping your regular golf score.

Bingo is the point given for the golfer that gets on the green first. If all the golfers are very skilled you can make this point for the person on the green in regulation first instead of just on the green.

Bango is a point awarded for the person closest to the hole once everybody is on the green. This helps to challenge you when chipping around the green to get your ball closer than those you are playing with.

Bongo is the point given for the person to get their ball in the hole first or make the longest putt. Again, if you are all very skilled golfers you can make this a point for the person with the lowest score or only count a point if the putt was for par or less.

Try these three golf games out and you will have fun while learning how to play the game better. This helps bring in a bit of competition and you can wager with the games or just play for a drink after the round. Either way it is fun to get the bragging rights of winning in your own group.

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