Your Guide to the Best Night Cream

One very effective tool to help you do this is using the best night cream. Applying a good day cream during the daytime and another cream before hitting the sheets – this is the ideal skin care practice that can help fight aging 24/7.

Being vigilant about reversing the symptoms of aging also means that you have to choose the right products that will work against aging in the most effective way possible. Night as well as day creams available in the market are not created equally – the difference lies in the ingredients, in the technology by which it works, and so on. Here are four important tips to help guide you choose the best night cream.

1. A good night cream will use the latest, timing cream most effective cell rejuvenation technology. It will have ingredients clinically proven to help prevent the three most significant reasons behind aging which are:

l Loss of collagen and elastin

l Decrease in levels of hyaluronic acid

l Free radical damage

Ingredients like Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, phytessence wakame, keratin and Cynergy TK are four of the best ingredients that reduce and prevent these three causes of aging at its every core. For 24/7 anti-aging protection, these ingredients must also be present in the day time cream you are using.

2. The best creams should contain active ingredients that can penetrate the skin deeply, much more than day creams can. Ingredients like manuka honey, shea butter and avocado extract are among these very important ingredients. Manuka honey helps put an end to loss of collagen and helps repair skin cells. It also has the ability to absorb and retain moisture to keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh. Shea butter and avocado oils are also excellent natural moisturizers.

3. Choose a cream that is safe to apply on a regular basis. Stay away from night creams that have fragrances as they usually contain harsh ingredients and preservatives which can harm the skin.

4. Choose a cream that is appropriate for all skin types and climate. An ideal night cream is one that contains ingredients natural enough that it is fit to use for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. Babassu and shea butter are among the best natural ingredients that have moisturizing properties fit for all skin types and climates.

The best cream will contain all natural ingredients that can moisturize your skin while you are asleep without that heavy, greasy feeling. Remember that a night cream will be your armor for fighting the visible signs of aging. If you want to arm yourself well, make sure you keep these four tips in mind when choosing a night cream.

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